Pilot Projects

The programme is designed to support the setting up of pilot and demonstration projects, accompanying research projects, in addition to any accompanying or preparatory scientific analyses and studies. With these funding options, the Strategic Working Group (SWG) will consider the various financing needs of the institutions eligible to apply for funding, applying their well-proven allocation of responsibilities between the members of the SWG within the scope of the JCOI.

The funding arrangement will comprise of two modules, i.e.:

Module 1 aims at systematically developing and promoting sustainable production options for green hydrogen and its derivatives, in cooperation its partner country Germany. This will also include projects for the storage, transport and the integrated use of hydrogen and its derivatives, which may also be used for integrated projects that cover several value-added steps. The funding could also be used for other investments that are important for developing a market for green hydrogen or for preparing green hydrogen for export regionally and internationally, but not used solely to produce (green) electricity.

Module 2 aims at research projects that are designed to accompany projects funded in Module 1. This includes preparatory or accompanying scientific analyses and studies. Aspects that may be used to train the next generation of scientists and economists can also be included in projects.

  • Call for Proposals: Module 1, Module2
  • Term of Reference
  • Eligibility Criteria